Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wake up America

All the food here is no longer food.

We trust others when we put things in our mouth.

Thinking this is safe,after all it is food.

But unfortunately this is quite the opposite,

If it won't kill you immediately,and someone can make money

off of you, then its ok.

Just go and try to read some of the ingredients on some of the

proccessed ready made foods.

Even the meat and dairy , are completely, pumped with

hormones and antibiotics so you are basically drinking and

eating a hormone cocktail.

You wouldn't dare put in you'r car what you stuff into you'r


It is only because G-d has given us the most amazing machiene

called our body that we are able to survive the damage being

done .

Eventually though all the garbage will build up.

Then all the sudden we wake up in crises mode, I feel so sick.

All of this is avoidable.

Step one : Breath Deeply

Step Two: Move. any additional movement slowly building up

to challenge you'r body when it is ready.

Step Three: Before anything goes in your mouth, ask yourself ,

who made this , will this harm or benefit my body. You will be

surprised at what happens when you take the time to trust


The best part about all this is how amazing you will feel.

Till next time: Genendy

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